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Getting the most out of CiviCRM

We highly recommend this book to help you on your way with CiviCRM - your new Constituent Relationship Management System.  Along with our companion guide, you can quickly get started with harnessing the power of Odeia and CiviCRM to market, raise donations and fully understand your patron base.  


Dialpad makes Odeia's communications with clients and prospective clients seamless, easy, and always available; be it on a desk phone, computer, or mobile device.  We are happy to show you how to save and benefit from this great solution

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HR and Payroll Services from Gusto

Odeia depends on Gusto to help keep our team running.  This super easy to use and cost-effective solution helps to keep ours and countless other small organizations running and in-tune with all the nuances of managing a staff.

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