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Forget what you know about every other solution 

Odeia is different, rewarding and cultivating

Our cooperative-consortium, membership-based approach is designed to help small-to-mid sized organizations save on administrative costs. We cap expenses each month and provide services that focus on helping you grow and share in the resources of our membership base, all while keeping your autonomy.  

To ensure your continued success, Odeia changes things up when it comes to the fees you pay.  No other arts management solution provides you with rewards and rebates for adoption and engagement on a day-to-day basis.  

Learn more about our pricing and Odeia OPEN program below or call us at: 407-801-0220.

Simple Pricing 

Fees that make sense, provide flexibility, and are transparent

Monthly minimum for all organizations $400 with a maximum cap of $1000 based on ticket sales.

Additional extras that you can apply Odeia OPEN credits on are listed below per our ticket prices.



No maximum size or number of venues

$0.50 per ticket transaction with a monthly max of $1000


Community pricing based on maximum number of seats

Less than 100 seats

$0.75 per ticket transaction with a monthly max of $1000

larger venues+

Equitable pricing for our larger partners & museums

Museums and venues with 101 or more seats

$1.00 per transaction with a monthly max of $1000

Pricing Calculator - Pending

Odeia OPEN

Odeia Plan for Engagement Nexus

To incentivize your success, we partner with you and your organization to reward your efforts in advancing and driving engagement and adoption of Odeia in your day-to-day interaction. The solution ultimately drives growth, increases loyalty, income, and your patron base in new and unique ways using your own data. 


We designed the Odeia OPEN Plan to reward your day-to-day usage of Odeia in ways that will benefit and build your organization. We incentivize you and your staff with discounts based on quarterly performance and key metrics. 

BONUS - Refer business to Odeia and we will deduct $25 per month from your minimum monthly fee up to $400 per month, for the life of your account.

Extras and Optional Services


Need advice, someone to turn to, or help in designing a campaign? we have a consultant with your name on it.


We can help clean, verify, and ensure your email makes it to the right patron every time.

360 Seat Views

Set your organization apart with 360-degree views of your venues.


Increase sales, release open seats, and fill them via distribution channels. 

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