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Custom Seating Charts

Nothing beats an easy to read seating chart. Leave you’re lackluster “plain-jane” checkerboard behind and have your theater come to life with Odeia

Pricing Flex

You have a pricing plan and we most likely have a way to manage it for you,  Whether your space is a single global price, has different pricing levels or sections.  We have a way to meet the most complicated pricing plan.

Phone, Web, &
In-Person Sales

Quick and easy shopping experiences are what patrons expect - Odeia Delivers!  Our process is quick and easy for you and your patrons.  

A Co-op of Users

Odeia is all about community.  It’s what drives our every move.  Via regular user group meetings we put into force the features and functions, you need for long-term profit and success.


Selling tickets is one thing (which by the way we are great at), but managing your on-going relationship with your patron that’s another.  We have it covered with easy to use tools, functions, and features.


Data is king and we have the reports you need to forecast your success with Odeia.

Flexible Event & Subscription Management

General admission? Reserved Seats? Subscriptions that scream Flex-able? (We call our program FlexPass thus the wordplay). Odeia has it all and more.

Flex-able Subscriptions

Our FlexPass system puts the control back into your patron’s hands. They get the flexibility of packing which shows and how many tickets to use out of a custom allotment that you can set up in 4 minutes flat!

Donations Made Easy

Patrons can quickly and easily make a donation during the purchase experience helping you to achieve your funding goals.


Built-In Patron Management
Certified Users - Means Better Data
Seamless IntegrAtion


Fund RaIsing

Need advice, someone to turn to, help in designing a campaign - we have a consultant with your name on it 


We can help clean, verify and ensure your email makes it to the right patron every time

360 Seat Views

Set your organization apart with 360-degree views of you're venuses 


Increase sales, release open seats and fill them via distribution channels